Why we're helping
Atlas Uprising always will attempt to give back in critical disasters. Unfortunately this was a nature that was different then our typical contributions. This wasn't a flood or a hurricane. This is a Invasion of a Country. So this made things complicated as its two different perspectives we have to consider. After about 3 weeks or so we had made the move to show our support for Ukraine.

How are we helping
Atlas Uprising released the Round Up for Ukraine program. This allows all customers checking out to round their purchase up to the next dollar and contributing the money directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross. To note we're not in control of the funds as we let Tebex Ltd and Overwolf Ltd. They're responsible for covering the fees for your donation.

How can you help
We like to do a lot of research on charities before making recommendations. The only current way we recommend is by purchasing items on our store or supporting the organization we're directly benefiting, the Ukrainian Red Cross.

How much has been contributed
Currently due to limitation on statistical data we can access this information is not present to us. As soon as we get it, it will be released on the total number we contributed.
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