How to Set Up TeamSpeak for Atlas Uprising

The minimum version requirement for MacOS users is 10.9 (OS X Mavericks). The images you see were taken with Windows 10. Steps to install the software may differ depending on the Operating System you use.
Quick Access to Address if you have TS already installed:
Downloading & Installing TeamSpeak 3 Client:

1) Begin by clicking on the following link

2) Select the download to your corresponding Operating System.

3) Launch the file after downloading it. You should be presented with the setup wizard as shown below.

setup wizard welcome screen

4) Complete the setup wizard process and select the appropriate options given.

5) Select where you wish to install TeamSpeak in your system
If you're not computer savvy enough leave this option alone and hit 'next' as shown below.

choose your installation location

6) Continue with the setup process, you will be presented more options to choose from to fit your preference. It's recommended to download 'overwolf' with teamspeak. Overwolf is an addon and overlay feature to assist players better to figure out who is talking in game. Once you complete the setup and installation, launch the program.

Joining the Server & Getting your Tags:

1) First Time launch will prompt you to choose a nickname for yourself.

2) Hover your cursor over "Connections" and click "Connect" as seen below. Doing so will prompt a second window to appear asking you to input the Server Address, Password, and Nickname for the server. Leave the Password blank, type the nickname you would like to be identified as, and copy/paste the following
Server Nickname or Address:

connection options

e.g of what it will look like before connecting

3) Once you click 'Connect' you should have successfully joined the server. When you have joined the server look for the channel description, this should appear on the right hand side (or right panel) of TeamSpeak. Follow the instructions listed in the description to begin your verification process. This process needs to be completed in order to join the different channels of the TeamSpeak server.

channel description
You must have the following before obtaining the Member Tag:
3.1) You're a member of the Discord.
3.2) You're a member of the Steam Group
3.3) Click this link and follow the instructions as seen below continuing to step 4.

4) Once you reach step 3.3 you will be brought to a webpage to verify your TeamSpeak. Login with your Steam Account. After you log into your steam account you will be asked for your TeamSpeak ID. If you already know how to obtain your TeamSpeak ID and paste it back into the text box, congrats! You should be all set and see a blue checkmark appear next to your name in TeamSpeak.

after logging in with your Steam Account

5) Navigate back to TeamSpeak, and find the 'Identities' options menu, or press down CTRL+I. A new window will appear and at the very bottom click 'Go Advanced'. A unique ID text bar will appear. Copy this ID and paste it into the text box back on the verification website. After you complete this step you should have successfully verified yourself in TeamSpeak and see a blue checkmark next to your name.

unique id

Some branches require people to have a 'push-to-talk' bind or 'mute' bind to prevent accidental hot mics or unintentional spam through the mic. You can set this up by going to Options > Capture > Select 'Push-To-Talk' > Configure the key bind.
'Tools' panel
visual e.g. of push-to-talk options

Images credited to 'Wade'. Original Link to guideline.
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