These Methods are based on Windows 10 Build 19043
Method 1 - Clear Files

Steam Library

Steam Properties

GMod Directory

Note - Your GMod Files may not look the same as the picture.

Delete the Folders highlighted in red.

Folders to delete

Deleting these folders are completely safe as the game will recreate them.

Method 2 - Enable Downloads

Options > Multiplayer > "Allow all custom files from server"


Method 3 - Disable All

From the Main Menu - Addons > Wrench Icon > Disable All/Uninstall All


Method 4 - Firewall/Security Blockage

We do not have pictures for this guide but Google how to disable your security's Firewall or Internet blocker/regulator.

Method 5 - Verify Game

Steam Library

Garry's Mod Properties

Click on "Verify integrity of game files"

Method 6 - Download the map

Goto this link to download the map.

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