How is Atlas Uprising Responding?
We're contributing $200 to an organization directly providing aid to the major impact area(Southeast Louisiana).

This will help provide relief for residents who may have lost their homes, family, everything. They will utilize this money to purchase supplies such as Water, Food, Gas, etc.

Why are we helping?
Hurricane Ida directly impacted Executive Mal being roughly 8 miles away from the eye of the hurricane. The impact was Category 4 Hurricane winds and gusts. This ultimately caused major power outages and damage to infrastructure. Gas took Mal two hours to obtain days post-impact. We can only imagine the further damage it has caused. Therefor we're giving what we can to help.

Image showing Radar of Hurricane Ida as it made landfall.

We also did this last year with Hurricane Laura. It only makes sense to do it again to help those who are affected.

Why Cajun Navy Relief?
They're many "Cajun Navy" named organizations helping but this one is our choice simply based off of IRS reports and images taken from the worst impact zones. There are ZERO salaries, it's entirely volunteer so it means your money is going straight to those in need.

Images by Cajun Navy Relief in Golden Meadow, Louisiana

Organization Information:
EIN: 81-3901071
The Cajun Navy Relief, INC is a registered 501(c)3 organization
Address: Cajun Navy Relief, Inc. PO Box 791632 New Orleans, LA 70179

Where is your Proof of Contribution?

Paypal Transaction

How can I help?

Due to our extensive research into finding the right organization we currently can only recommend the following:

Cajun Navy Relief
Donate -
Website -

More Links will come as further research is conducted
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