As per Atlas Uprising policy any action that occurs under your account you're responsible for and that applies to most services. This is why its so important to maintain security on your account so a breach doesn't cause any issues under your account.

Our forums are secured using encryption and email restricted logins. Support for 2FA is there aswell. Security is our utmost policy on every single platform that we control.

Here are some steps you can take to secure your account
Enable Two Factor Authentication

We currently only support Google Authenticator
In order to enable 2FA follow these steps or watch the video.

1 - Make sure you're logged in
2 - Click on your Username for a drop down menu
3 - Click on 'Account Settings'
4 - Click on 'Security and Privacy'
5 - Under 'Google Authenticator' press 'Enable'
6 - Follow the steps provided

Enabling 2FA on your account

Strong Password
In order to change your password you can follow the steps below.

1 - Make sure you're logged in
2 - Click on your Username for a drop down menu
3 - Click on 'Account Settings'
4 - Click on 'Password'
5 - Fill out the three fields.
We recommend using a password manager for the best practices of keeping your password secure.

Checking Recent Devices
We give you the ability to view devices that have logged into your account in last 90 days.

To check follow these steps below

1 - Make sure you're logged in
2 - Click on your Username for a drop down menu
3 - Click on 'Account Settings'
4 - Click on 'Recently Used Devices'
Inside of this section look for activity you don't recognize. If nothing suspicious pops up then you're good!

But if you found something you don't like click here - or press 'See anything you don't recognize?' at the top of the page.

Steam accounts are the essential to your gaming on your computer. But they're fragile if not properly secured.

Steam Guard
Enabling Steam Guard provides so much more security for your account. It ensures that it sends you a code to either your email or phone app to ensure you're the one really logging in.

Look at their instructions here -

Scam Protection
If someone messages you on Steam saying something like the following:
"I reported your account to steam admin"
"I am steam admin/staff"
"Free Game/Items/Keys"
This is an instant Red Flag🚩.

To protect yourself never login from a URL given to you and never give out your password.

Free Games can be gifted to you and Ban requests are handled inside of steams support system.

We use discord for everything, talking with friends, playing games, and so much more. But one account breach and they can ruin a lot. Lets make sure this doesn't happen.

Two Factor Authentication
Discord has a very nice guide on this already! You can find it here -

Phising Evasion
Bad people like to give suspect links and may make you give out your credentials by complete accident. Sometimes links could entirely expose your credentials to hackers. It may require zero input other than clicking the link.

So what can you look out for?
Well make sure it really is the link. For Example, it can be faked by using an i like and make it a capital when they send the link. Its something you have to watch for heavily.

The Basics to Stay Safe
Do not Click on links that are impersonating Discord
Discord Gifts are entirely embedded you do not need to goto an external link to get the reward.
Do not sign into Discord via Browser
Lets say you get a link and its wants you to sign in via Discord, that would place your account at risk.
Two Factor
If you have Two Factor this will solve the risk of breached credentials.

Discord Gifts
Discord Gifts will look like this
Discord Gift Embed
Discord Gift Acceptance Screen
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