Step One
First we need to get the information for the user we're going to give the gift to.

First you will want to get their SteamID64.

Either they can provide it or you can get their Steam Profile Link and follow the steps below.

A profile URL can look like this

Copy this URL and goto
Paste the URL into the input text box and click lookup.

Look for SteamID64 and click the copy icon

Now we have the users SteamID64! Step one complete, high five👏

Step Two
Now we have that SteamID64, lets goto the store and get the gift processed.

Find the package you want to gift and click on the info button(To the left of Add to Cart)
From here click on GIFT with the present icon.

A textbox will appear and thats where that SteamID64 gets pasted into. After pasting the SteamID64 click on the filled in GIFT button.

Step Three
Time to surprise the person. 🥳🥳🥳
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