Will this Solve my issue?
This will fix the following issues:
CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted memory allocator)
Excessive Memory Usage
Wonky Textures

Solution 1 - Drive Failure

Your drive could be faulty. Find out which drive your gmod is on and get a software to test read/write data and compare it the manufacturers spec sheet.

We recommend SeaTools however check with your Drive manufacturer.

Solution 2 - Verify Game Integrity

Review this article from Steam.

Solution 3 - Content Reset/Removal

Uninstall the Servers content pack if you have it installed.
Remove all of your currently installed addons.
You may also need to wipe files/folders from the addons folder in Garry's Mod game files.
If you're not sure how to do one of these steps then please seek assistance via our forums.

Then join the server downloading the content automatically.

Credit - Skyler

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