How does Atlas Uprising keep me safe?
Well the answer would be as simple as 'We keep you safe'. But That just doesn't cut it for us. Let us break it down for you.

On the Game Servers
We use in-house software to protect every aspect of our servers.
So what does this mean?

Lets list it out;
Client Lua Execution Protection
This basically means we're restriction lua code to execute on our players from a serverside based execution.
Anti-Ban Evasion
We ensure banned players stay that way.
This is for protecting our server from exploits to keep our players and server safe.

On the Store
Your Information on checkout is extremely important to keep safe. Thats why we use our new platform Tebex.
Tebex has been in the GCommerce industry for over 10 years now.

Protections in Place
SSL to protect purchase details
Purchase Gaurentee, if you did not receive your product you're protected by Tebex to get your money back
Access Restriction

On the Forums
The Forums software we're using is directly from Invision Community.
This is too ensure the utmost safety as we do not directly develop the software.

Protections in place
Any link or image is immediatly flagged for review by Forum Staff
Email-only Logins to protect agaisnt brute force attacks
Two-factor Authentication Supported

On the Discord
We have a team of over 10 active moderators and a minimal-active team of over 50 moderators. This ensures that bad practices do not last for long.

Protections in place
Mee6, a discord bot that moderates the server on multiple levels
Verification process that requires Steam authentication to join
Only 1 channel allows image uploads
Exclusive Links that only allow platforms we use

On the Teamspeak
Teamspeak is constantly monitored by our entire team and enforced by our Support team.

Protection in place
Automatic Verification process requiring Steam authentication
Identity Protection requiring proper verification
Zero uploads allowed
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