AtlasVR Rules
Do not ERP
Do not Exploit (Ex: Putting gun through wall)
Locomotion: you MUST use Locomotion.
Teleporting: The ONLY time you can teleport is when you are stuck in something or someone.
Role-Playing in VR Is harder due to the difficulty in typing and talking, which is why we will give more chances if accidents happen. HOWEVER, The VR Jobs MUST be used to Enhance Roleplay. IF you mess around, talk OOC, FailRP, NITRP, you WILL have VR access removed.
You are NOT allowed to use the VR capabilities to glitch into spots that might give you an advantage over other players.
If you gain VR Access and find a bug / exploit, please report it as quickly as possible.
When playing on the VR Job, you MUST use the job / rank of a character you already play on. Meaning, If you are a Gensec SGT, you MUST use that same job title and rank when RPing in VR.
Have Fun in VR, but try not to ruin the Roleplay.
You CANNOT AFK while in VR. If you have to go AFK for more than 3 - 5 minutes, you MUST get off of the VR Job. Otherwise you WILL get either kicked from the server or removed from the job.
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